We’re Virtual Approval, specialists in the planning, promotion and hosting of online virtual events.

Working with organisations around the globe to deliver tailored, secure meeting spaces that work.

Take the hassle out of online events, we’re here every step of the way.

Virtual Approval is a specialist provider of bespoke online events. We offer a wide range of professional and entertainment events that are fully managed and efficiently delivered using digital technologies. In a rapidly changing world, having the flexibility to offer events virtually ensures that your business stays connected, current and communicative. Whether it’s a webinar or workshop; a conference or courtroom; a product launch or festive party, we can take care of the planning, promotion and hosting of your virtual event.

Our Aims The digital world offers excellent opportunities for businesses to grow, develop and improve on a global level. It’s now more important than ever to be able to communicate quickly, easily and safely. However, translating physical events into digital versions comes with challenges. Our expertise in both event organisation and virtual technologies guarantees a professional, innovative and tailored service for our clients. We believe that with the right support, every business can make their ideas a reality and provide events that are interactive, imaginative, well-organised and memorable.

Our Method Each event needs to be carefully organised from start to finish, so we’ll work closely with you to devise a personalised plan. We begin the process with a consultation to discuss how we can turn your real-life event into a digital version. You’ll then be given a ‘Vision and Creative’ proposal to see your ideas brought to life before securing our services with a deposit. Then simply leave everything to us and look forward to your successful event!

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